Meta-Liquidity & Meta-Farms

As mentioned in the previous section, zap-ins and zap-outs are enabled by liquidity between mcUSD and various RFP (farm bot) tokens. For each farm bot, a liquidity pool between mcUSD and RFP must exist, with sufficient liquidity in order to ensure low price impact. We call these liquidity pools between mcUSD and RFP tokens meta-liquidity pools. Like with regular liquidity pools, liquidity providers in these pools will earn standard swap fees on any swaps that occur using these pools.

Those familiar with yield farming and liquidity providing will know that liquidity does not come for free. Zap-ins represent the core Revo experience, and ensuring that end-users are able to zap-in with low price impact is extremely important. As such, in exactly the same way that other platforms incentivize regular liquidity, Revo incentivizes meta-liquidity with yield farming rewards. Of course, rather than requiring users to manually claim rewards on these staking rewards, Revo provides meta-farms, which themselves are Revo farm bots (RFP), built on top of meta-liquidity between mcUSD and an underlying RFP token.

Since "zapping in" to a meta-farm would require meta-meta-liquidity, which is infeasible to implement, Revo does not support zap-ins or zap-outs for meta-farms. Instead, Revo has deployed a RevoFPBroker contract which allows you to directly deposit mcUSD and an RFP token. In return, it mints meta-liquidity, deposits it into a meta-farm (minting RFP for the meta-farm in the process), and sends the freshly minted RFP back to you. This contract also allows you to withdraw from meta-farm RFP, returning mcUSD and the underlying RFP.

At the time of writing, Revo's meta-farms do not offer additional rewards beyond those typically associated with being a liquidity provider.

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