Meta-Liquidity & Meta-Farming

Meta-liquidity and meta-farming are advanced concepts, and require more DeFi knowledge than zap-ins to get started with. Always do your own research before engaging in new DeFi protocols.

Meta-Liquidity & Meta-Farming

Being a meta-liquidity provider supports zap-ins and zap-outs on Revo. Revo makes it extremely easy to be both a meta-liquidity provider and earn auto-compounding yield farming rewards in meta-farms in a single flow.

For this section, we assume that you've already connected Revo to your wallet of choice and are comfortable signing transactions. See the Zapping In/Out section for more details on this process.

  1. Tap "Add Liquidity" on the farm bot you'd like to provide meta-liquidity and enter a meta-farm for.

3. Select the amount of one of the tokens (either mcUSD or the RFP) you'd like to use to mint meta-liquidity to add to the meta-farm. When you enter a value for one of the fields, the other will auto-populate to an equal-valued amount. If you don't have any mcUSD, you can get some from either Moola or Ubeswap. If you don't have any RFP, you can get some by zapping in.

4. Once you've entered amounts, you'll need to approve our contract to spend your mcUSD and RFP to mint meta-liquidity and stake it in the meta-farm. Tap "Approve mcUSD" and "Approve RFP" and approve the transactions.

5. Once you've approved our contract to spend your mcUSD and RFP, you can supply your tokens in order to mint meta-liquidity and add it to the meta-farm. Tap "Supply" and aprove the transaction.

6. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you should see your stake in the meta-farm. You may need to refresh to see the balance updated. Congratulations, you're now earning auto-compounding yield farming rewards on your meta-liquidity!

Leaving a Meta-Farm & Withdrawing Meta-Liquidity

Leaving a meta-farm and withdrawing your meta-liquidity back to mcUSD and RFP is easy.

  1. Assuming you are already in a meta-farm, you should see the "Manage" button as in the image above. Press this button.

  2. You'll see a slider, allowing you to select what fraction of your meta-liquidity to withdraw from the meta-farm. Select your desired fraction.

3. Once you've selected the fraction of your meta-liquidity you'd like to withdraw, press the "Remove" button.

4. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you should see your stake in the meta-farm has decreased by the approved amount. You may need to refresh the page to see the balance updated. The underlying mcUSD and RFP tokens withdrawn should appear back in your wallet now, too easy!

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