Zapping In/Out

A step-by-step guide for zapping in and out of a Revo Farm Bot

Zap in

Zapping in to a Revo Farm Bot can be done in just a few seconds. Make sure you have a Celo wallet (such as Valora) set up beforehand with a positive balance in at least one token.

  1. Visit

    • If you're on an iPhone, use Safari, and make sure Safari is set as your default browser. On Android or desktop you may use whatever your default browser is set to.

  2. Connect your wallet (pink button at the bottom on mobile)

2. Select your wallet and tap "open" when prompted.

3. Tap "allow" from your wallet app to share your wallet address (and possibly phone number, depending on your wallet) with Revo. Revo does not store this information-- it is just used to tell you how much of each token you have.

4. You should be redirected back to Revo. (If not, revisit the note about browsers in step 1.) Tap "zap in" on the farm bot you want to invest in.

5. Select a token to zap in from. This should be a token that you have a positive balance for.

6. Type in a zap in amount. This is the amount you will invest. (So if you're zapping in from cUSD and choose 5, you will invest 5 cUSD in the farm bot.)

7. Tap "approve". You should see a prompt for opening your wallet app. Hit "open".

8. When your wallet app opens, it may take a second before the approval prompt appears. When it does, tap "Allow" (and type in your PIN, if prompted for it).

9. You should be redirected back to Revo. (If not, double check the note about using Safari in step 1.) Tap "zap in"

10. You will get another prompt to open your wallet app and approve the transaction there. Once redirected to Revo, you will see a "processing" box at the bottom for a few seconds. Once the transaction has gone through you should see your stake in the farm bot:

^This mean's you're done! Congratulations!

Zap out

Zapping out lets you withdraw from a Revo farm bot to any token.

  1. Connect your wallet (as for zap in)

  2. Tap "manage" on the farm bot you want to zap out from.

3. Tap "zap out" and select a token to zap out to. This is the token you will receive in exchange for your share in the farm bot.

4. Select the amount you wish to zap out. The slider goes from 0 to 100, where 100 is your entire share of the farm bot. An estimated output amount will also be shown.

5. Review the price impact and fees before deciding to zap out. If you wish to continue, tap "Approve RFP", then open your wallet app and approve.

6. Tap "zap out". You will be prompted to open your wallet app again and approve.

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