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Product roadmap

Support more exchanges

For our initial launch, Revo supports a subset of yield farms on Ubeswap, a Celo-native DEX. We hope to add SushiSwap, Mobius, and other platforms in the near future.

Support staking FP tokens to increase liquidity

In the future we hope to offer a UI to conveniently stake FP tokens in a liquidity pool. This will help FP token holders earn even higher APY, while increasing the liquidity of FP tokens, which will lead to lower price impact for zapping in.

Enable deposits into farms with low liquidity

Currently it costs thousands of dollars to bootstrap zap-ins for a new Farm Bot, since we need to create a liquidity pool large enough to handle reasonably sized trades with low price impact. In the future, we hope to remove this constraint by offering a UI making it easy to acquire LP tokens and deposit them directly into a Farm Bot without leaving the Revo interface, as an alternative to zapping in. This will still be slower than zap-ins, but will make it easier to launch new Farm Bots which the community can then help us create liquidity for (by staking FP tokens in a liquidity pool) to help other users zap in.
Once we have launched a governance token, we hope to also use it for such tokens' usual purpose, decentralized governance.

Compounder elections

Farm Bots require outside intervention at regular intervals to trigger a re-investment of yield farming rewards; we call this "compounding". We restrict access to Farm Bots' compounder method to help keep users safe. In the future, we plan to host compounder elections through decentralized governance. More info about this in our Product Roadmap.